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The company that will renew the path between Eastern and Western countries 



We are the future of the commodity trade business

Born in Hong Kong-China, Eastern Mater Group works to promote food security in Asia, consolidating key companies under a single expansion project, aiming to build the 5th largest agriculture company in the world, the ''E'' company.



 Provide food security for Asia, simplifying, facilitating and debureaucratizing purchasing processes.


Provide quality, nutritious and protein-rich food sustainability for all.

Our Values

Have Integrity

Be honest and true. The journey to achieve Eastern Mater vision, requires reputation, credibility, and above all: People

Show Respect

Treat everyone and everything with care and consideration. Work boots or Italian shoes shall be treated with the same respect

 Achieve Excellence

Be great at what you do and keep getting better. The difference between good and excellent, is the result.

Be Resourceful

Make it work the right way, shortcuts cause long delays

Practice Teamwork

Succeed and endure together. Talent can accomplish a deal, but only with teamwork we will build a history

Take Responsibility

Own it. Do it. Don’t give up. You can't escape tomorrow's responsibility by avoiding it today.

Worldwide presence of buying and selling

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Don't hesitate to contact us. Ready for offers and cooperation.